Surya Chandra means sun and moon, body and spirit, bringing balance in feeling and thinking. We are a yoga centre in Tilburg and do Hatha yoga. The emphasis is on doing the postures (asana’s) with a balance between strength and flexibility, effort and surrender. Enjoy exploring the challenging asana’s, with awareness. This concentration you can use to watch and feel the breath and focus for meditation.

A trial yoga class costs €5.00. To sign up or for more information, please call Corrie Theeuwes: 06 4760 5286.

The workshops or extra classes have elements of Anusara yoga. Andrea and Corrie will give the classes together, with personal attention. On every level it deepens and broadens your yoga practise.

There will be regularly extra classes or workshops.
For more information you can contact me,
06 476 05 286

In 1988 during our backpacking I came in contact with yoga in Sydney, and ever since it plays an important role in my life. I’ve followed lessons in India and lots of workshops in Holland. In Amsterdam I finished the Iyengar yoga Teacher Training in 2002. A method in which there is al lot of focus on precision and alignment (sometimes using props to be able to expand and experience more opening). I’m grateful to all of my teachers. Since 2013 I follow the Anusara Teacher Training in Amersfoort, a wonderful deepening on all levels, where you work with a flow from the heart.

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When I completed my first yoga class in 2003, I immediately knew that I wanted more.
Yoga gave me more awareness, I was physically stronger and most of all, the lessons made me happy.
After more than 10 years of classes by Corrie, I was ready to deepen myself in yoga. I wanted to know the origin of yoga and why, together with me, so many people get inspired by it.
In 2013 I started in Amersfoort with an Anusara yoga training. The program completely met up with my expectations.
In the spring of 2015 I was qualified to teach. With great enthusiasm I’m ready to convey the well taught attention and “alignment” of Anusara to others.

Morning Evening
Yoga for men
Custom made yoga

Teacher: Andrea

Teacher: Andrea
9.15-10.30 19.00-20.15




€11.00 for a class

  • Aug – Dec: €187.00
  • Jan – Mar: €132.00
  • Apr – July: €143.00

Account no.: NL 53 TRIO 0254 8052 80, account name: Surya Chandra Tilburg. Please mention your name and class.

You can always make up for a missed class, within the current year (provided there is space). A separate extra class costs €6.50.

Christmas 23 Dec – 5 Jan 2020
Spring 20 April – 18 May
Summer 19 July – 17 Aug 2020

  • Be on time. That gives you the opportunity to adjust to the calmness inside and to your surroundings. Connect to the silence within (alignment). You can do some asana’s, sit quietly, or lay down with awareness for the breath. This is pleasant for yourself and the people around you. Relax.
  • Make sure that you didn’t just eat. Digestion requires a lot of energy that you want to use for doing yoga. It is good to drink after class.
  • Do yoga barefoot. Wear comfortable clothing, possibly in layers, so when you are sitting or laying down you can put on socks or a vest.
  • In the studio there are yoga mats. Consider bringing a mat of your own. For your own energy, blood, sweat and tears. Also from a hygienic perspective.
  • Let me know if you have any physical problems, pain, fatigue or if you are pregnant. I like to see if we can make the yoga as healing as possible, for everybody.
  • Watch your boundaries, respect and accept them. Yoga is not about achievement. Keep connecting to calm breathing while you look for challenge. It is not about the goal, but the whole journey.
  • Don’t use any perfume, or spray deodorant. This can be disturbing for others.
  • During your menstruation you should avoid inverted asana’s, and not put too much strain on your abdominals. Bring awareness to your cycle, restorative exercises can reduce possible complaints.
  • Humor is very important. It releases a lot of tension. Doing the asana’s is just great. Enjoy, relax, smile!

Be a yogi;
develop the
qualities in

BHAGAVAD GITA, verse 6.46

  • Yoga Philosophy

    Contains a wealth of wisdom, which inspires and offers insight

    The yoga sutras of Patanjali –Indian scholar and philosopher– are short verses, reflecting the source of the teaching of yoga. In this context yoga means meditation, contemplation, exploring in depth the meaning of the sutras. Yoga is the union of spirit, body and soul. Surprising how the contents of the sutras are still valid today, the study of our mind is something universal and of all times.

  • Sutra 1.2

    ‘Yoga Citta Vrtti Nirodha’

    Bring awareness to the constant fluctuations of feelings and thoughts in the mind. Do not suppress these swirls but allow them to fan out slowly so you can experience tranquility.

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